NEW: Advanced Blue Hour Milky Way Blending

Length: 2 hours and 4 minutes

Recommended for: Intermediate or advanced photoshop users. Experience with masking, or a strong desire to learn basic masking is highly recommended. 
This video shows my typical blue hour blend workflow from start to finish. This is a raw recording of me seeing the files for the first time. I narrate my thoughts during capture, my raw selection process, my pre-processing thoughts/vision/planning, and editing. All mistakes I made during processing are included, because mistakes are an important part of learning! 
The specific techniques covered in this tutorial include: Basic RAW Lightroom adjustments, importing as a smart object, channel masking, refining edges with color adjustments, color/tonal balancing, and basic luminosity masking. 
This is not a typical "have good light and do minimal processing" video. This video shows techniques for heavy photo manipulation and advanced masking that can be carried over to almost any other shot. 
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